Approval for AndroidAPS Uploader

AndroidAPS is an open source app used by people with diabetes as a so-called closed-loop system that automatically adjusts insulin delivery based on the data retrieved from a glucose sensor and insulin pump. People previously uploaded data from AndroidAPS to Open Humans manually, or with Nightscout Data Transfer. However, since many people are not using Nightscout, this is burdensome. The AndroidAPS Uploader allows users to directly upload all data from within AndroidAPS itself and reduces the burden of sharing/donating data this way.

It works by gathering all the new and changed database entries since the last upload, serializing them to JSON objects and zipping them along with some basic device information. It is designed not to reveal any private information such as passwords. The serial number of the user’s insulin pump is uploaded as a SHA256 checksum for deduplicating data. Data is uploaded directly to Open Humans without any intermediate servers to avoid potential security breaches at the server end and having to expend effort on maintenance.

We will only message users if some new security concerns appear.

This project will be used as a data source with the OpenAPS Data Commons.

Should this project be visible and available for all Open Humans members to join?

Please vote Approve or Deny, and/or comment.

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Project info

  • Title: AndroidAPS Uploader
  • Managed by: Milos Kozak, Adrian Tappe, Tebbe Ubben
  • Description: This allows you to upload all your diabetes data conveniently and directly from within AndroidAPS. After having setup the uploader, you may want to share your data with other projects on Open Humans. Setup can be done inside the app.
  • Connections: 1 member
  • Data added: Glucose Values, Boluses, Carbs, TBRs, Settings, Device Information, App Version…

Approve - screenshots are a helpful touch!

As a side note to help clarity of the instruction page for first time visitors the instructions on Github/readthedocs should include the note assuming the AndroidAPS app is installed and link to where installation instructions for the app are located in case someone stumble upon the OpenHumans connecting link instructions but are not familiar with OpenAPS. At first I was confused on what was being configured not having looked at OpenAPS nor AndroidAPS prior to today.

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For now, the instruction page is just in the dev branch of the AndroidAPS docs, so you can read it here. Once released, it will be moved to the actual site. (

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Thanks, I read the docs in the repo and guessed it would be moved there, but the point I was trying to communicate is there is implied information that could be made explicit in the steps to ensure users are effortlessly oriented. This is especially helpful as a first interaction if a search engine or link land them here without prior exposure to AndroidAPS or OpenAPS.

Using myself as a newcomer proxy I didn’t understand what was being configured and more importantly I didn’t know where I could even get the AndroidAPS to do the configuration without having to search a bit more than I would on a casual encounter. Adding a step at the beginning to tell a person just landing on the page the assumptions ie “Step 1. AndroidAPS should be installed or follow the installation instructions []”.

This little piece of implied information being made explicit in the setup and configuration would help on-boarding and orientation… :slight_smile:

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Project review – I’m basing this on the screenshots & information on the activity page…

  • explain data received & what will be done with it From the screenshots this looks good!
  • explain privacy & security looks good to me
  • who manages it? Looks clearly communicated
  • what members will be asked to do? since I’m not using the system, I can’t confirm; it seems clear though
  • Are the claims made by this project realistic? Are its communications misleading or untruthful? looks good to me – it’s not claiming to cure people, discover the cause of cancer, etc. :wink:
  • Would a member’s decision to join be sufficiently informed? seems so to me?

Minor suggestion: @TebbeUbben maybe the page linked by the “join” button could also be linked as “URL for general information about your project”?

I think I’d vote for approve but it’s great to hear from others. Thank you to @wolfgang8741 for weighing in!

I asked the team working on the documentation to elaborate this.

Done. :slight_smile:

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I’ve shared this again in Slack & there doesn’t seem to be any further feedback, so I’m going to wrap this up and mark this as approved.

(Activities can always be opened for a re-review if someone requests that.)

Thanks all!

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