Approval for UbiQomix Microbiome Exploration

I’m posting a review request for the UbiQomix Microbiome Exploration, which is applying for project approval on Open Humans. This project is part of an IRB-approved study led by Orit Shaer at Wellesley College, and we’ve received documentation of this IRB approval. You can find a copy of it here:

The project runs as an on-site project and links people to a survey after the signup.

Should this project be visible and available for all Open Humans members to join?

Please vote Approve or Deny, and/or comment.

Quick links

Project info

No issues, I have no problem approving

What type of integration does the survey link use? Is there still code that runs on a server that makes the linkage?

The survey is done through Google Forms and the redirect there is handled by Open Humans through the post-sign-up redirect URL. :slight_smile:

Perfect, I am :+1: on approval then. :slight_smile:

I’m for approve, with suggestions on the project description pages information.

I recommend refinement to the project description. It was not clear until reaching the final activity after agreeing to join that the project’s only data collection is a questionnaire. This may be the setup of the CSCW paper that I expected there to be more than the questionnaire.

At first read of the CSCW document which is more “a rational” of why the questionnaire should be conducted rather than a guide of what activity will take place. Describing further on the activities on might help recruitment by not requiring a clickthrough. A simple summary or teaser leading to read more in the PDF than is currently sparsely provided. It may also be worth noting that there is no interface to use or review, but is based on past involvement with the activities.

The next step’s page text on is clearer to the activity is for those consenting - a questionaire not a UX study I was expecting based on the first page.

One yellow flag to think about on trust of this project’s legitimacy is that the contact email address is not or any other domain associated with the project. Nor is this project linked from the associated website to assert a relationship that the project is related.

Good points, the project leads will address those points :slight_smile:

I mark this project as approved, as all votes were positive and the changes suggested by @wolfgang8741 have been implemented too! :+1:

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