Glucose measurement for noobs

Hi there. After watching I’ve become interested in measuring my glucose.
I’m not diabetic so all this is new to me.
Local shop has good reviews for such glucometer. Reviews mention it has USB port for downloading the data - that grabbed my attention.
I do not, however know what format it will be in and how do I upload it to openhumans. There are couple of integrations mentioning diabetes but I have no idea where to start.
Help? :wink:

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Hey, it’s great to see the interest in this! Together with @MichaelR I’m interested in glucose monitoring as well, see our thread here. Steven Jonas has written a good post about options at the Quantified Self.

Both Michael & I have used the Freestyle Libre sensors. The upside: they give (somewhat) continuous data for around 14 days and the data can be easily read out with a smartphone that can read NFC, the data can be downloaded from the Libre cloud app as a simple spreadsheet. The downside: A single sensor for 14 day usage is rather expensive (~60 EUR) and might not be easily available in your place of the world.

For uploading the data: If the device you found gives you a simple spreadsheet, you can upload it through, which has a specific datatype for glucose monitoring data. But to be honest I wouldn’t worry about the uploading too much at this point, but rather at finding a glucose testing device that works for you and gives data in a format you can use :slight_smile: