Tracking domestic labor?

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around – I’ve been wondering about tracking chores & domestic labor (e.g. childcare). I’m going to come out and admit it’s been a source of tension in the past (but that’s pretty common!).

I think it’s interesting in part because I think there’s a perception/awareness issue. Someone once told me: “if you don’t think you’re doing 50%, you aren’t”: in other words, you probably think you’re doing more than you actually are, because other people’s work is often invisible to you.

Tracking this might be something to somehow do jointly with my partner, although I think he’d prefer not to have to do much. (I wonder if he could respond to what I track with noting how aware he was of those things?) And one thing I wonder about is whether it’s important (or even possible?) to somehow account for “mental load” (i.e. the planning, not just the work itself).

I guess a first step for me would be to try regularly journaling on the topic (to build reflection on the phenomenon). @Agaricus said he remembered seeing someone share a chores related project in the past & I’d welcome any ideas others might have. :slight_smile: